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DLSS Swapper

Install Instructions

Until DLSS Swapper is on the Windows Store you will need to either trust our signing certificate + download installer from Github, or build the application from source.

Trusting Signing Certificate

Downloading, installing, and trusting the signing certificate only needs to be done once. After this you can install and update DLSS Swapper any time and as often as you want.

NOTE: Only install and trust certificates from sources you trust

  1. Download our signing certificate.

  2. Either double click the .cer file or right mouse click on it and select Install Certificate

  3. At the certificate prompt select Install Certificate...

Windows certificate summary showing that this certificate is currently not trusted

  1. Change Store Location to Local Machine and click Next

Certificate Import Wizard asking user what store location they want to us eto install the current certificate. Options being current user and local machine

  1. Select the option for Place all certificates in the following store and then click Browse...

Certificate Import Wizard asking user if they want to import the certificate into a certificate store based on what type of certificate it is or if you want to install them to a specific certificate store

  1. In the Select Certificate Store popup select Trusted People and then click OK. This will take you back to the screen displayed in step 5, click Next.

Select Certificate Store window showing Trusted People is selected

  1. Your final certifcate import summary should look like this. Select Finish to install the certificate.

Certificate Import Wizard showing the certificate store is selected by the user, is Trusted People, and Content is Certificate

Downloading Installer

You can initiate a download from our dedicated download page.

Builds will also be uploaded to the releases section in our Github repository.

They have an extension of .msixbundle, so don’t be looking for .exe files.

Running The Installer

If all goes as planned clicking Install should be all you need to do. This will install any additional dependencies you require to run DLSS Swapper.

Animated gif showing the user click install and then seeing the installing progress bar go from 0-100% and give the option for the user to then launch the application

If your installer says Untrusted App please review and re-attempt the steps from Trusting Signing Certificate section above.

Installer showing an error that it is not trusted

If you have any problems installing please check if someone has already reported a similar problem in the issues section on our Github repository. If that doesn’t solve your problem please create a new issue so we can try get you up and running.


DLSS Swapper has an silent updater built in. If a new build is available it will be downloaded and installed in the background. The next time you launch the app you will have an updated build.

If that system breaks you can also check the releases section in our Github repository.